Losing a frame is always unfortunate. If that were to happen we would charge HALF of the MSRP price and we'll call it even! 

What if I lose my frames?

How do I get my prescription and Pupillary Distance ? 

Your doctor should give you a copy of your prescription. 

As for your PD you can use this link to take your measurements. 

Common Questions

Why would I rent a frame?

Prescriptions can change yearly and most people simply do not want to reuse their frames.  If you have to keep updating your frames then why should you own them?! At RentFrames.com you rent name brand frames for a fraction of the cost of new ones. 

So... I'll be wearing a used frame?

Yes. All frames are lightly used. Every frame goes through an Ultra Sonic Cleaner and a meticulous cleaning process. Acetate frames are then polished before being sent out again. Every frame we send out is in mint like new condition. That's our guarantee. 

What if I'm not happy with my choice?

Our lives revolve around your happiness and we mean it! Simply communicate with us and we will make sure to do whatever is necessary to make sure your'e happy with your rental.

oops...I broke my frames!

All frames have a full warranty. If you break them simply send them back to us with our pre-paid postage label at no charge! If its within the first 30 days of your rental we will send a replacement frame. 

I don't have a prescription. Could I still get glasses?

Yes, If you have a set of old glasses you can send them to us and we can duplicate that same prescription. However, we always recommend getting an updated prescription.